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Kreeli Round Diamond Couple Ring 18kThere is a large focus in modern day society on dressing correctly either for the position you are interviewing for or for the job you currently have, but one small, yet important detail is often left out of the discussion.

What Jewellery to wear?

Jewellery can say a lot about a person, and knowing what your jewellery says about you is vital in any setting, especially in a professional one. It may seem shallow that an interviewer would base his or her decision on what earrings or watch a potential candidate is wearing, but the truth is much of the hiring process is done subconsciously, and so conveying the right impression can go a long way towards securing the job. In an interview or position of employment, you are being evaluated as a whole, not just by what is coming out of your mouth.

 Business Setting

In a business setting, less is usually more. Large, dangling earrings may catch the light just the way you like it, but they can be very distracting during conversations. If your position in your company is a “power” position, getting matching jewellery can increase a persona all that much more. Sleek, stylish, diamond jewellery are preferable. In essence, you want a person to notice the necklace, watch, or ring for being unique, but not for being ostentatious or flamboyant.

If you are having a hard time deciding whether an item is appropriate or not, wear it around in a casual setting and take note of how many comments you get on it and what people say. If you still aren’t sure, your best bet is to go with something that you are more confident is appropriate.

Men, wearing a watch in a business setting can potentially improve an image, while wearing an earring usually does not. Women, a watch is advisable for you as well, as are a pair of conservative earrings. If you want to wear a necklace or bracelet, stick to one (of each, if you prefer). Both men and women can wear rings, but wearing only one or two, preferably on the ring fingers, is best.


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